Two Roll Mill

Two-Roll-Mill Manufacturer & Exporter


Neoplast Two roll mill is equipped with attractive and user friendly control panel. Advance safety features. Torque measurement can be possible on both rolls. Trends like time < — > temp. & time < — > Amp. Can be viewed as well as printed.

Cartridge heaters for optimum even heat distribution over entire roll surface.
Roll temperature upto 300 °C. PLC controlled with HMI (Optional). Hard chrome plated, ground and mirror polished surface. Safety guards are also provided for operator during handling by manufacturer and exporter of two roll mill in Ahmedabad, India.

Drive system with geared motor and AC drive for high starting torque. Motorized nip gap adjustment device. Roll RPM can be set from 2 to 20 RPM. Rolls cooled by water cooling arrangement which is collected in a SS water cooling tank.