Lab Equipments

Two Roll Mill

Neoplast offers manual versions to fully automatic hands-free computerized mills used for color matching, quality control and research. This Two-Roll Mill used in conjunction with our Laboratory Hydraulic Press offers a much less expensive and quicker color matching results, than Injection Molding or extruding the color sample. This is a perfect combination for the custom compounder.

The two roll mill is equipped with two rolls made of corrosion resistant steel. The surface is hardened and polished. Heavy duty slide bearings are applied as main bearings.

Heating is achieved by heating cartridges installed in the rolls and ensuring an even temperature distribution over the whole roll width.

Latest technical concepts for drives, gap adjustment and heating as well as an innovative safety system are combined with dimensions and elements proven for many years. 

Applications of Two Roll Mill

  • PVC powder mixing and colour sampling
  • ​Polymer milling mixing
  • Plastics formulation mixing test
  • ​Rubber mixing test
  • Material development, material testing, quality control, education

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