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Lab Extruder

Neoplast is a leading manufacturer & exporter of lab extruder and has developed a fully instrumented single screw lab extruder Model SSE 25 & Twin screw lab extruder Model NCMT 20 with integrated data acquisition PLC first time in India. Single screw & Twin screw lab extruder can be attached to various downstream equipment to carry out varieties of testing like extrudability of polymers, studying the problem occurring in R & D as well as in practical applications. Mamifold screws, dia heads and downstream equipment fulfill all kinds of extrusion tasks.

The sample material is plasticized and extruded through dia head. All measuring values such as torque, melt pressure, melt temperature are recorded continuously and represented in the from of tables and graphs parallel to running test.

Single screw lab extruders & Twin screw lab extruder with integrated data acquisition PLC. Screen changer with provision of melt pressure and melt temperature transducer. Breaker plate holding with quick opening arrangement to change the screen pack.

Geared melt pump ensures pumping of polymer melt at a constant pressure. Filter test measurement assembly designed in line with standardization specification norms.