High Speed Heater Vertical Cooler Mixer

NeoPlast make High Speed Heater with vertical Cooler mixer is an economical, robust solution for throughput volumes up to 3,000 kg/hour. A high-performance Three Tier angular mixing tool in the heater mixer generates friction to heat the product. At the same time, all recipe ingredients are evenly distributed throughout the mixture. When the desired target temperature has been reached, the mixture is transferred to the cooler mixer through the discharge Valve and the heating mixer is ready for the next batch. The material is cooled in the vertical cooler mixer by passing it gently across a cooled surface.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Can be used for a wide range of different applications like homogenious mixing, coating, agglomerating, bonding, dispertion etc..
  • Process-optimized mixing tools guarantee optimum energy input
  • Selection of various designed & patented mixing tools for high quality homogenious mixing
  • Optimum water circulation in cooler mixer jacket & cooling ring for high-performance cooling

Neoplast high-speed mixers are suitable for numerous applications and the manufacturing of a large number of products.

  • PVC (rigid/soft)
  • WPC
  • Master batch
  • Various compounds
  • And many more

High Speed Heater Horizontal Cooler Mixer

Neoplast High Speed heater & cooler mixers are the optimum solution for complex mixing challenges. The systems are characterized by their outstanding product preparation in the heating phase and high-efficiency cooling performance. The horizontal cooling mixers are designed for high-volume throughput, rapid processing and short cleaning times.

The specifically configured water circulation system in the horizontal cooling mixer ensures the best possible cooling performance.

Besides the relatively large cooling area, the optimum water circulation speed is another factor with a decisive influence on the machine’s overall effectiveness. After use, access to the vessel for cleaning is fast and easy via the mixer lid with pneumatic opening mechanism.

High-performance cooling with throughput volumes over 4,800 kg/hour for the manufacture of a large number of products. The individual requirements and careful processing of your raw materials are guaranteed at all times. Our team will be glad to advise you on the optimum technology for your product solution.

  • PVC (hard/soft)
  • WPC
  • Master batches
  • and many more

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