Material Handling Systems

Dense Phase

Dense phase conveying system is essentially a conveying process that transfers the material with high pressure at low velocity and high product-air ratio. It is suitable for conveying of materials that are friable, fragile, abrasive, difficult to convey materials, abrasive, hot and/or wet or agglomerated in nature. Gentle handling of friable products prevent degradation and separation of blended materials.

  • Dense phase conveying system conveys bulk solids at long distances from single/multiple locations to single /multiple points preventing low material degradation. It transports abrasive materials with comparatively less wear and tear of the system and product as well. 
  • Long distance transportation.
  • Minimal material degradation as the material is transported at low velocity
  • Handles wide variety of material such as fragile, abrasive and friable as well as materials with high bulk densities
  • Minimum wear and tear of the system
  • Minimum Maintenance
  • No material spillage, no dust emission, clean environment
  • Low Noise operation
  • Low air flow rate

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