Automated Compounding Plant

Automated Compounding Plant

Automated Compounding Plant

Neoplast is a leading manufacturer & Exporter of automated compounding plant and has developed fully Automated Compounding Solution first time in India. Right from Raw Material unloading and feeding to the High Speed Mixer and produce the compound to feed Storage Silos and from Silo to feed Extruder by Hopper Loader with integrated data equation PLC Control system. Raw Material Handling System is matched with our offered High Speed Mixer to produce optimum output.

Automation System is more energy efficient and user friendly, automation is in real sense, with fully automation, ensures low supervision & highest efficiency with less man power, highly reliable system, designed for PVC Pipe Manufacturer with uninterrupted output, reputed/imported key component, i.e. Roots blower,level sensor, Filters, Weigh System, PLC, SCADA, HMI etc.

  • Contamination free handling of all raw material.
  • Reduce spillages of costly raw material, Man hours and Labor cost.
  • Minimum Moisture free compound.
  • Effective utilization of total plant capacity leads to improve productivity.
  • Less Human Involvement leads to less human errors.
  • Total recipe management is viewed with automization.
  • Effective utilization of raw material and dry bend leads to increase overall automated compounding plant capacity.

Single Bag / Jumbo Bag Feeding Station

Single Bag feeding station / Jumbo Bag Feeding Station
  • Provision of feeding 25kg bag / Jumbo bag with this single bad feeding stations/jumbo bag feeding station.
  • Aspiration system Incorporated for dust free environment.
  • Easy handling of jumbo bag with work lift or crane of jumbo bag feeding station.
  • Easy opening of big bags (FIBC)with liner Protection screen.
  • Easy to connect with vacuum conveying system.
  • Conical bottom for anti-bridging of feed material.

One Pack Storage System

One Pack Storage System
  • Minor additives dosing one pack storage system with control feeding.
  • Adjustable screw speed to control coarse feed and fine feed to weight system.
  • M.O.C : S.S. 304 easy to clean and easy to open type design.

Vacuum Conveying System

Vacuum Conveying System
  • Vacuum conveying system is suitable to transfer up to 6000 kg/Hr.Conveying Distance: 3 to 30 meters with long radius bends.
  • Automatic filter bag cleaning system by reverse jet arrangement.
  • Antistatic PTFE coated  cylindrical cartridge filters, easy for cleaning
  • Compressed fresh air externally provided with sequence timer which keeps the system clean and maintains conveying efficiency.
  • The Batch receiving hopper with vibrator for free flowing feeding, level sensors, proximity switches and pneumatically actuated discharge valve for feeding to heater mixer.

Aspiration Systems

Aspiration Systems
  • The Aspiration System can be connected to heater mixer, cooler Mixer & Pressure Conveying System Directly.
  • During mixing process, the temperature of the product mix gets elevated due to friction at the same time chlorine gas is also liberated, which is efficiently removed by vacuum. This will help to control VCM content in PVC Dry blend.
  • This System also helps to reduce odor generated due to additional of metal stabilizer, plasticizer and other additives.
  • This Aspiration system reduces build up or settling of mixing powder on the heater mixer lid. This will eliminate contamination mixing into dry blend during discharge from heater mixer.

Pressure Conveying System

Pressure Conveying System
  • This Ideal solution to convey PVC Compound from Cooler Mixer to storage Silo.
  • Dust free operation.
  • Highly efficient pressure conveying system by using reputed make brought out equipment.
  • This pressure conveying system is design to give optimism output with noise free operation.

Storage Silos, Bins & Hoppers

Storage Silos, Bins & Hoppers
  • Option of SS, MS or Aluminum with storage capacity 1 tons to 100 tons with silo weight monitoring system.
  • Facilitates raw materials storage in dust free & static free environment. indoor or outdoor erection possible.
  • Jumbo bag / 25Kg bag feeding to storage silo by pressure conveying system.
  • Multiple processing lines feeding from silo provide by Vacuum conveying system.

Hopper Loader

Hopper Loader
  • Hopper Loader convey the material from silo mixer or any other storage arrangement.
  • Various models to suit your extruder capacity.
  • Dust free operation.
  • Highly reliable level sensor to ensuring emptiness of material from Silo or extruder hopper.
  • PLC operated state of the art electric control panel.

Computerized Plant Automation System

  • Computerized plant automation system is easy control on Production, Planning, Supervision and inventory control with process recipe management.
  • Complete automation, right from the Jumbo bag feeding station to feed multiple processing lines, with computerized control.
  • Daily, weekly or monthly reports of total production, raw material consumption or break down can be easily viewed online from any location.
  • Integrated malfunction messaging system with option add-on.
  • Option for auto manual and maintenance for easy operation.
Sr. No. Mixer Model Vaccum Conveying Model Pressure Conveying Model
1 HSM 130 R – CM 400 VC-130 PC-400
2 HSM 200 R – CM 400 VC-200 PC-400
3 HSM 250 R – CM 600 VC-250 PC-600
4 HSM 350 R – CM 1000 VC-350 PC-1000
5 HSM 500 – CM 1500 VC-500 PC-1500
6 HSM 750 – CM 2000 VC-750 PC-2000
7 HSM 1000 – CM 2500 VC-1000 PC-2500
8 HSM 1200 – CM 3000 VC-1200 PC-3000
9 HSM 2000-CM 6000 VC-2000 PC-6000
  • Specifications are indicative and as a part of our continuous R & D, we reserve right to change specification without prior notice.
  • For Customized application the specifications can be altered.
  • Output depends on type of polymer, processing technique or ambient conditions.



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