Air Cooled Die Face

Air Cooled Die Face Manufacturer & Exporter

Air Cooled Die Face
  • Air Cooled Die Face is specially designed for Soft / Rigid PVC pellets.
  • Palletizing head mounting is specially designed to match with any single or twin screw extruders.
  • Palletizing head is designed with spring loaded blade adjustment which ensures uniform pellet size.
  • To have variable cooling time adjustable vibration is provided.
  • This system is easy to clean and have least noise operation.
  • Fines (Dust) separator is also incorporated.
  • Pellet cooler is compact, versatile and space saving designed on reverse air cooling principle by the leading manufacturer and exporter of Air Cooled Die Face in India.

Note: Output may vary as per formulation, process parameters & ambient temperature conditions.

  • The design of flow channel for the air ring pelletizer is simple and efficient.
  • The design of air duct for the air ring cutter reduces the adhesion between pellets, include rigid transparent pellets.
  • The honeycomb-like pelletizing sieve of the air ring cutting system can withstand a back pressure of 250 bars.
  • The air ring cutting system has simple structure and is easy to operate and maintain.
  • The air ring die face cutter has low energy consumption.



Rated Output in Kgs/hr


GK80 GN 200



GK80 GN 400



GK120 GN 800


  • Specifications of Air Cooled Die Face are indicative and as a part of our continuous R & D, we reserve right to change specification without prior notice.
  • For Customized application the specifications can be altered.
  • Output depends on type of polymer, processing technique or ambient conditions.

R & D Applications


Cable Compounding